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We Are “Team Properties “. We're just a group of people who LOVE helping other people with their home-owning problems. We mean that... we take pride in helping families navigate & get out of difficult circumstances like inheritance, foreclosure, back taxes or liens or other stressful situations. Plus, we love what we do... we love bringing old houses back to life again!

We’re a legit home buying company in Houston known for these 3 things: our fair offers, our transparency and our willingness to serve others first. We understand that not a single person…. we mean nobody…. is going to accept an offer that doesn’t make sense for them (whether it be too low or maybe not giving enough time to find a new place to live). That’s why we do everything we can to provide you the best possible offer we can because we value your time and what to do what’s right by you and your family. 

How do we do just that? Well we make fair offers on houses in Houston because we do our due diligence, we use all of our experience and we do everything in house which keeps our repair costs as low as possible. That’s how we’re able to make legit, fair offers for your house!

Reputable House Buyers In Houston TX

When we flip/rehab a house, we keep things simple. Our rehabs and projects are strategically kept simple to minimize our costs.

You do know what that means… don’t you? Yep, you guessed it: We can offer you MORE for your house than the average home buyer in Houston. This is our little secret (shhhhh don’t tell anyone)

But yes, we are a real estate investment company, which just like any other company, we’re in this business to make money, feed our families and pay the bills. But the most important thing is that we LOVE what we do and we HAVE FUN while doing it! It truly makes life more rewarding when you do what you love (plus if a fast, cash offer helps you out of a tough home owning situation, then it makes things even better!) We love when our passion doubles as a light in the darkness for folks. 

Oh… and if you would like to know how much in cash we are able to offer you for your house, just click the button below!

Team Properties are real and legitimate house buyers in Houston that want to help your current situation and give you a fast and easy solution. Our team is ready to help out homeowners in the greater Houston area and we are ready to do what’s necessary to get you out of that tough and stressful situation you’re currently in. We buy houses in Houston in any condition.

From foreclosure to properties you can’t continue to take care of… we want to buy them as-is. We’re here to help YOU and the best part is you won’t have to pay for anything. Our services are completely free, no costs, fees, or commissions are required in the whole process. 

Tell us more about your house and sell it on YOUR timeline now. Call us (281) 829-8921! 

We are an accredited business With An A+ Rating!

We are proud to say that we do things the right and honest way. At Team Properties , we make sure that we treat every client with respect and honesty and we want everyone to know that we are ready to help you no matter the situation you’re currently going through.  If you are ready to sell your house to a company that will treat you with respect and give you a fast and easy solution, call us now at (281) 829-8921. 

Start the process now by submitting your information and filling out the form, we want to know all the details about your property so we can give you the best fair offer for it and close on your timeline. 

We're Not Some Heartless, Lame Big Corporation... We're Team Properties !

At Team Properties , we want every client to see the real us. Our home buyers are always trying to do their best to help out Houston homeowners who are in tough situations. We want our clients to be completely real with us, which is why we are completely real with them! 


We take very seriously everything related to our clients because we want to serve YOU! 

Tell us more about you and your situation so we can start giving you the best solution. Get to know more about our team and see what Team Properties can do for you.