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At Team Property Houston we like to help the community. Therefore, we’d like to help you. If you’re facing foreclosure, probate or you have an inherited property you’d like to get rid of, we’re the people you call. Why? Because we buy houses in Houston! And we can pay you in cash! 

Our process is this fast:

  1. You get in touch. You tell us everything you deem important about your property and your situation.
  2. We get in touch with you. Depending on the situation, one of our experts will evaluate your property to make sure the offer is good for you.
  3. The offer will be presented. After evaluating, our offer will be presented to you. If agreed on, you’ll have your moving day whenever you want along with your money.
  4. Boom! Cash at hand!

Best believe you’ll have an offer knocking on your bright future within 5 business days. But, if you ring our line, you’ll get it immediately. The best thing is: you can request a free estimate first. Just click the button below to call us or enter you info in the form and we will contact you soon!


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